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Facilitators ToolKit

Facilitators ToolKit

Facilitators ToolKit



  • Full day

Delivery Mode

  • Face-to-face

  • Online Classroom

Course Options

  • Public

  • In-house

Upcoming Dates

19th March 2024  or contact us for enquires about in-house training.

About the Course

The scene is set and you are getting ready to walk into a room

full of people with varying views, opinions and emotions

about the topic under discussion ... are you ready to facilitate?

  • Will you be able to get people talking with each other rather than at each other?

  • How will you keep them on track?

  • Have you allowed enough time to get to the end point?

  • Have you selected the right group processes?

This one-day workshop develops a deeper understanding

of key dynamics of facilitation (the group, the facilitator, the

issue and the process you will use) and how they come

together in the session. This workshop is a practical

exploration of tools, techniques and strategies to assist

groups to arrive at an outcome. The day will be interactive

and designed to ensure the strategies discussed are

practically understood and not just theories.


  • C-level executives

  • Stakeholder and community managers

  • Stakeholder and community engagement officers

  • Change managers

  • Project managers

  • Project coordinators

  • Strategic communications managers

  • Communications officers

  • Elected officials

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand role of the facilitation and the facilitator

  • Identify how the four key tasks of the facilitator support effective group decision making and consultation

  • Understand how to build credibility and the contract with the client and participant group

  • Identify techniques that assist with different facilitated outcomes, e.g. group forming, prioritisation, visioning, staying on track and participant management

  • Design a session to achieve the desired outcomes and context

Your Facilitator

Joel Levin

Joel Levin is the founder and Managing Director at Aha! Consulting. Joel’s interactive approach to training blends theory with the kind of practicality that comes from over 20 years’ experience in across a broad range of sectors both in Australia and Internationally.

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