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Terms and Conditions


  1. Members Section of this Site

  2. Training

  3. Consulting 

1. Members Section of this Site

  • The members section of this website provides people with training dates for IAP2 Courses run by Aha! Consulting for its clients and their colleagues.

  • As part of our license agreement with IAP2, we are not able to publicly advertise these course dates on social media or on the open web. While you are free to let your colleagues and networks know about this training through your personal communication (phone/email/network communications), we ask that you do not publicly advertise these dates on social media or other open public platform.

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2. Training



  • You warrant that you have the authority of the organisation you represent to make this registration/booking. On registration/booking you and the organisation have agreed to these terms and conditions.

  • Unless paid at the time of registration/booking, we will issue a tax invoice for the workshop. All tax invoices are payable within 30 days of the date the invoice is issued.


  • You may cancel or change your booking up to 14 working days before the scheduled date and receive a full refund of the registration fee, less any credit card fees unable to be recouped from merchants.

  • You may cancel or change your booking up to 7 working days before the scheduled date, for a 50% refund of the registration fee. 

    • If you can find a replacement participant that meets the pre-requisite requirements (if any), then they may attend in place of the person booked and no cancellation fee will apply

  • There are no refunds for non-attendance on the day.

    • If you can find a replacement participant that meets the pre-requisite requirements (if any), then they may attend in place of the person booked and no cancellation fee will apply

  • Aha! Consulting may consider applications for extenuating circumstances and choose to waive part of all of the cancellation fee. Aha! Consulting reserves the right to request supporting documentation for extenuating circumstances for participant non-attendance or cancellation.

    • While personal circumstances may prevent you from attending (including medical conditions, emergencies, severe weather conditions, transport difficulties or other events beyond the control of Aha Consulting) you and the paying organisation acknowledge Aha! Consulting accepts no responsibility for these contingencies.

  • Aha! Consulting will endeavour to ensure all workshops proceed, Aha! Consulting reserves the right to alter the workshop program, venue and timing or cancel workshops. 

    • If workshops are cancelled by Aha! Consulting the workshop fee will be refunded if an alternative date or event cannot be found. The suitability of alternative dates or events is determined by the participant. 

    • Aha! Consulting is not be liable for any associated costs, expenses, losses or liabilities incurred by participants as a result of the cancellation. We strongly recommend booking fully refundable or variable airfares and accommodation.

Intellectual Property

  • All content shared in a training course remains the property of the author and no part can be distributed to people who have not participated in any form physical or electronic. 

  • Some excerpts of materials may be used with the prior consent of the author.


Participation and Attendance

  • For certified courses - full attendance is required for each day delivery to ensure the required content is covered.

  • If a participant misses a small section of the content (30-45min) they are responsible for ensuring they have caught up with other participants and the trainer during the break.

  • Longer absences (45min+) will require either additional out of session written work and assessment (at additional cost to the client) or require the participant to repeat the course. This is at the trainer’s discretion.



  • For IAP2 certified course, certification is not provided until the course fees are paid in full

  • As IAP2 AU issues certificates, Aha! Consulting has no control over the timing and tracking over distribution of certificates


External Participants to in-house courses

  • There are times where the host organisation allows places to be made available for non-host employees (referred as External Participants) to attend as a way of building relationships, developing the practice and supporting people to complete their certification.

  • There are a number of benefits in allowing External Participants, however, the provision of spaces for External Participants are subject to a fair use policy. 

    • No more than three people from any one organisation can attend as an external participant.

  • If  you consent to provide places for external participants on your in-house course;

    • These places will not affect the number of participants you have been quoted to attend. 

    • These external participants are booked and invoiced by Aha! Consulting separately to the fees charged to the host organisation. 

    • Aha! Consulting will reimburse the host organisation for any catering costs incurred by external participants attending.

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Consulting Services 



  • Costing based on services specified in the quote. Additional service delivered outside this scope of works charged at standard hourly rate. 


Payment Schedule

  • Milestone payments to be agreed at the start of the project. If no agreement made, the following applies 30% Commencement Fee, 30% mid-point, 40% completion

  • All payments are due within thirty (30) days of invoicing.



  • If the project is cancelled, any outstanding fees will be payable by the Client for; time spent, materials purchased or produced

  • If the cancellation is within two (2) weeks of booked event or workshop dates, 50% of the fees for that event will be incurred and payable by the Client.

  • If the cancellation is within one (1) week of booked event or workshop dates, 100% of the fees for that event will be incurred and payable by the Client.


Intellectual Property

  • Any pre-existing materials, models, documents developed by Aha! Consulting prior to this project and used in this project remain the property of Aha! Consulting

  • The client has the enduring rights to the ongoing internal use of these materials

  • Materials are not to be provided or sold to a third party. 

  • Any bespoke materials, models of document developing specifically for this project become the intellectual property of the client.

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