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Apply Engagement Methods

Apply Engagement Methods

Apply Engagement Methods



  • Two full days

Delivery Mode

  • Face-to-face

  • Online Classroom

Course Options

  • Public

  • In-house

Upcoming Dates

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About the Course

This course TWO DAY course challenges you to assess the appropriate method(s) to achieve your outcomes. Expand your tool kit of what is possible and consider new methods to achieving your engagement goals. Explore methods for small group, large groups, social media and more.


  • Practitioners who will implement parts of an engagement plan and who need to assess and propose appropriate methods.

  • Those who will be involved and need to know the implications on their teams, workflows and delivery schedules

  • More senior practitioners who will be responsible for evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of the methods chosen and the engagement project

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of starting the decision process by aligning an appropriate method with the profile of the Community Engagement model 

  • Examine how to decide on appropriate methods 

  • Link the methods to the purpose of the engagement to create a cohesive plan and experience for the community

Your Facilitator

Joel Levin

Joel Levin is the founder and Managing Director at Aha! Consulting. Joel’s interactive approach to training blends theory with the kind of practicality that comes from over 20 years’ experience in across a broad range of sectors both in Australia and Internationally.

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