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Facilitators Edge

Facilitators Edge

Facilitators Edge



  • Full day

Delivery Mode

  • Face-to-face

  • Online Classroom

Course Options

  • Public

  • In-house

Upcoming Dates

15th May 2024  or contact us for enquires about in-house training.

About the Course

So you know the difference between world café and station rounds, and you’ve seen your fair share of butcher paper, but how do you take your facilitation deeper?

The Advanced Facilitation course explores the role of the facilitator beyond tools and techniques and focuses on honing your ability to ‘read’ a group and know which intervention to use when. It’s a deep dive into what makes people tick and how the facilitator can support group discussion, collaboration and decision making.

The first course was about building your confidence through stocking the tool kit with different techniques. This course draws on over 30 years of experience across a diverse range of sectors and settings and goes to the next level. It will build your ability to stay present with a group and offer the one thing they need more than ever ... the whole and real YOU.


  • C-level executives

  • Stakeholder and community managers

  • Stakeholder and community engagement officers

  • Change managers

  • Project managers

  • Project coordinators

  • Strategic communications managers

  • Communications officers

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore how facilitators maintain their neutrality with groups where there is conflict

  • Identify how to respond in the moment to the challenges that may arise

  • Practise the ability to read a group and make calls about what interventions to make

  • Introduce ways to build a more deliberative approach

  • Introduce ways to bridge divides and take groups into deeper conversation

Your Facilitator

Joel Levin

Joel Levin is the founder and Managing Director at Aha! Consulting. Joel’s interactive approach to training blends theory with the kind of practicality that comes from over 20 years’ experience in across a broad range of sectors both in Australia and Internationally.

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