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Taste of Engagement

Taste of Engagement

Taste of Engagement



  • Full day

  • Half-day

  • Two hours

Delivery Mode

  • Face-to-face

  • Online Classroom

Course Options

  • Public

  • In-house

Upcoming Dates

Please contact us for upcoming dates or enquires about in-house training.

About the Course

This two-hour half-day course is designed to give busy people what they need to understand the purpose of

community engagement, what quality looks like and how to make the most of the investment in engagement.

Content is tailored based on your organisational context and the duration of the session.


Courses are tailored to different groups:

  • Elected members / boards 

  • Executive /leadership teams 

  • Stakeholder and community engagement officers 

  • Project managers 

  • Project coordinators 

  • Communications officers

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the purpose and benefits of community engagement

  • Examine the background and context to the engagement

  • Determine the scope and focus for the engagement

  • Explore stakeholder mapping tools and techniques

  • Understand how to set the purpose and goals of engagement

  • Identify key community engagement methods

  • Recognise community engagement risks

Your Facilitator

Joel Levin

Joel Levin is the founder and Managing Director at Aha! Consulting. Joel’s interactive approach to training blends theory with the kind of practicality that comes from over 20 years’ experience in across a broad range of sectors both in Australia and Internationally.

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