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Which training best suits you and your organisation?

From those wanting a solid foundation in Engagement, Facilitation and Change management to those wanting to extend their current skills, we offer a range of courses for you to explore.

We deliver in-house training that can be tailored to your organisation's needs, public training and our unique ‘collaborative’ series where clients have can access events to get the training they need.

The majority of our courses can be delivered either in-room or live in a virtual classroom.


Engagement Essentials
Conflict in Engagement
Engagement Evaluation
Engagement Methods
Engagement Design
Strategies for Dealing with Opposition & Outrage
Facilitation Skills Course
Facilitation Skills
Change Management Course
Change Management
Embedding Engagement Course
Embedding Engagement
Advanced Facilitation Course
Advanced Facilitation
Resilience Course
Personal Resilience
Designing Evaluation Course
Designing Evaluation
Online Facilitation Course
Online Facilitation
Taste of Engagement Course
Taste of Engagement
Emotion and Engagement Course
Emotion and Engagement

We have a range of courses to suit front-line workers, managers/executives, elected officials and boards, across all sectors and industries.

To work out what mode of training is best for you ask these questions...

1)   Is industry endorsed training important to you?

If yes, explore the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) modules that we offer. The IAP2 certificate of community engagement and other associated modules is fast becoming the industry benchmark for those in the engagement field.

If no, you can explore either the IAP2 modules or our own Aha! Training modules

2)   Are you looking for training just for you or a group?

If it is just for you, check out the dates offered on this site or email us to ask about any upcoming courses.

If you have more than 6-8 people, email us and we can organise a course and time that suits you.

If you have less than 6-8 people, check out the dates offered on this site or email us to ask about bulk pricing for any upcoming courses.


Frequently asked questions

How can I do IAP2 training through Aha! Consulting?

We run in-house training for our clients and/or host training for clients that have too few people to run their own in-house. We can use your live case studies to ensure the learning is relevant and applies to your context.

We also bring groups together in our collaborative IAP2 training to support our clients to complete their training.

Get in touch with us for the option that suits you best.

How are courses delivered?

How can I complete the IAP2 Certificate?

The certificate can be completed via different pathways to ensure you get the content that best suits your context.

There are three pathways to complete the IAP2 Certificate with Aha! Consulting.

Do you recommend a pathway or order of completion for the IAP2 Certificate?

While each participant needs to assess their own learning needs, Pathway 1 (Essentials, Design and Methods) provides the broadest foundation and is the most commonly completed pathway.

In terms of order of completion, we recommend Essentials, Methods and then Design.

How can I complete the IAP2 Advanced Certificate?

If you have done the basic IAP2 certificate, then Aha! Consulting can offer the advanced module of Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage.

The other modules would need to be completed through IAP2 or another trainer. These include Building and Engaging Organisations, Brave and Honest Conversations and Strategies for Complex Engagement.